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EW9035 CNC Laser Tube Cutting System

Tube and rectangular tube can finish full automatic feeding without human operation. Deformed tubes can achieve artificial semi-automatic feeding. The fast corner response improves cutting efficiency greatly. The workpieces can be unloaded automatically in different areas after cutting.

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Product Introduction:

Series Introduction

The fast-speed full automatic CNC tube laser cutting machine of FARLEY•LASERLAB can cut circle tubes, rectangular tubes and other irregular-shaped tubes. The new tube laser processing production line not only implements automatic production, but also breaks through the limitation of plane cutting. Achieved multi-dimensional cutting, it is the optimal choice for metal tube laser cutting.

Product Advantage

Automatic Feeding System

Automatic feeding system for circle tubes, rectangular tubes and other irregular-shaped tubes

Advanced Chuck System

According to material specification, chuck adjust center adjust tightening force automatically

Fast-speed Corner Cutting System

Fast-speed corner cutting system improves cutting efficiency greatly

Efficient Cutting System

The workpiece can be distributed to different areas automatically

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