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3D Fiber Laser Cutting Machine of Laserlab

The 3D fiber laser cutting machine of Laserlab has broken the monopoly of foreign markets in automotive industry. This machine mainly processes on parts of 0.5--6 mm thickness and auto three-dimensional parts. It has high efficiency, easy operation, low cost for operation and maintenance.

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Product Introduction:

Series Introduction

As the pioneer and leader enterprise of laser cutting welding technology, ARLEY•LASERLAB is committed to laser development in automobile industry, so as to improve the equipment level greatly.

The 3D laser cutting machine and 3D laser cutting & welding machine of FARLEY•LASERLAB have broken the monopoly of foreign markets in automotive industry. Instead of the traditional processing method, it reduces mould investment, shortens development cycle of automobile manufacturers and parts suppliers greatly, improves processing efficiency and workpiece precision, and decreases the production costs.

Product Advantage

3D Cutting

Can realize dynamic 2D and 3D cutting, ergonomic machine structure, easy operation.

Industrial Robot

The flexible and fast performance of industrial robot help to implement multi-angle and multi-dimensional flexible cutting of different thickness metal plates.

Stable Laser Output

Different power laser devices are equipped with different cooling systems, so as to ensure normal operation of the equipment.

High Processing Precision

With 99.99% oxygen as auxiliary gas, cutting precision and cutting effect have been greatly improved.

Application Area

Automobile manufacturing, automobile parts, engineering machinery, sheet metal processing, aviation, military industry, etc.

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