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EW3015 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Adopted with gantry double-drive mobile structure, linear guide rail and screw drive, driven by AC servo motors, GF 3015 fiber laser cutting machine has bilateral vacuum system and the one-time processing range can reach 3m*1.5m. It has advanced and reliable design, high integration, more precise controlling and more stable operation. It is widely used in carbon steel plates, stainless steel plates, aluminum alloys and copper alloys.

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Product Introduction:

Product Advantage

Fast Cutting Speed

Fast cutting speed improves cutting efficiency, and the fastest cutting speed of 1mm plate can reach 60m/min.

Fast-speed Exchange Worktable

Double worktables exchange simultaneously, stable, reliable and efficient transmission, exchange time within 8 seconds.

New CNC System

Introduce Siemens CNC system and servo motor, integrate self-developed Laserlab-Sim special laser cutting operation system.

Tech Parameter:
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