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The new multi-station UV laser marking machine

Laser marking machine is the use of high energy density of the laser beam on the workpiece table machine partial irradiation, rapid vaporization of surface material or color changes, thereby exposing the underlying surface material of chemical substances or cause physical change to carve marks, or through light burned part of the material, showing the required etched graphics, text.

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Product Introduction:

Model advantages:
1. UV laser is a cold light source, laser cutting or marking heat-affected are very small, more suitable for more sensitive to heat affected material for further processing.
2. violet laser has a more narrow at the pulse width and higher peak power, the damage threshold for higher ceramic materials such as sapphire can easily break their damage threshold, so it is easy to process demanding high damage threshold molecular materials.
3. UV laser focus spot after a minimum of up to 15UM, so it is very suitable for micro drilling.
Model Features:
1. With the German semiconductor laser pumped optical resonant cavity for 3 times multiplier output 355nm wavelength laser, electro-optical conversion efficiency is high beam quality TEM100 mold.
2. UV laser is a cold light source, a small heat-affected zone, excellent beam quality create ultra fine marking effect.
3. imported scanning, marking speed quickly, while for micro cutting and drilling.
The ultra-high peak power and minimal thermal effect characteristics, is suitable for alumina, zirconia ceramic cutting drilling
5. The laser 20,000 hours of free maintenance, no consumables, low cost, energy saving
6. The integrated modular design, easy maintenance, compact
7. Mark and environmental protection, in line with ROHS standards.
8. The software can receive DXF, PLT, BMF, AI, JPG and other formats, and can automatically generate serial number and date of manufacture, bar code, two-dimensional code.
Application materials:
Metal and nonmetal materials, ceramics, sapphire, glass, translucent polymer materials, plastics.

Application materials:
Metal and nonmetal materials, ceramics, sapphire, glass, translucent polymer materials, plastics.
Applicable industries:
Consumer electronics, mobile phone parts, LCD screen, two-dimensional code and trademark engraving, ceramics, sapphire sheets, FPC flexible circuit board micro drilling, cutting biomedical glass engraved lines, capacitive touch screen ITO etching.

Tech Parameter:
Specifications UV-3W / 5W UV-3W / 5W
Laser Type / Wavelength ND: YVO / 355nm ND: YVO / 355nm
Excitation source 808nm semiconductor pumping source 808nm semiconductor pumping source
The maximum laser power 3W / 5W 7W / 10W
Beam quality M² 1.1 1.3
Q-frequency 0-90kHz 0-90kHz
Minimum mark character 0.1mm 0.1mm
Marking minimum line width 0.01mm 0.015mm
Marking speed 400 characters / second 500 characters / second
Repeatability ± 0.001mm ± 0.001mm
Engraving area 110 × 110mm or 180 × 180mm Optional 110 × 110mm or 180 × 180mm Optional
physical dimension 900 × 680 × 1200mm 900 × 680 × 1200mm
Total Weight 120kg 120kg
Power requirements 220V / 50Hz / 10A 220V / 50Hz / 10A
cooling method Water-cooled Water-cooled
Total power 1.2KW 1.5KW
Sample Display: