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The new CO2 laser marking machine

The new CO2 laser marking machine features: faster, more accurate, cost-effective and more obvious!

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Product Introduction:

CO2 Laser Machine (carbon dioxide laser marking machine), the main components are made of high quality imported, such as radio frequency optical fiber, high-speed scanning galvanometer and so on. The equipment performance is extremely stable, high precision marking, marking speed, it can work continuously for a long time.
Aircraft marking software runs on WINDOWS platform, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and English interface, compatible with AUTOCAD, CORELDRAW, PHOTOSHOP and other software output file formats, such as PLT, JPGE, BMP, etc., but also can be used directly SHX, TTF font.
This series laser machine capable of high speed in the vast majority of non-metallic materials marking, cutting out the fine words and images, are widely used in glasses, buttons, plastic, signs, packaging, leather, fabrics, ceramics, glass, crystal, rubber, electrical, technology products, wood products and other industries.

CO2 laser machine is simple, easy to use, the majority of users trust and love.

Tech Parameter:

The machine's main technical parameters -----------

Laser Power 30W / 50W / 100W
Total power 1.2KW / 2KW / 4 KW
Lightwave 10.6um
Engraving speed ≤8000mm / s
Engraving depth ≤8mm (depending on material)
Minimum line width 0.15mm
Repeatability ± 0.005mm
Marking area 35mm × 35mm ~ 500mm × 500mm
Minimum characters 0.4mm
Q-frequency 0.2 ~ 50KHz

Sample Display: