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Online CO2 laser Marking Machine

The online laser marking machine of EWLASER has fast marking speed, legible markers, permanent marking. It can conduct 24 hours continuous working in adverse production conditions, and has no consumables within 100,000 hours.

The online laser marking machine includes online fiber laser marking machine, online Nd:YVO4 laser marking machine and online CO2 laser marking machine. The series machines can mark permanent makers, work in adverse conditions and meet the demands of all kinds of packing materials.

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Product Introduction:

Fast Marking Speed

Professional industrial laser, fast marking speed, operated in 24 hours continuously, suitable for high-speed continuous production line.

High Precision Marking

High-precision galvanometer scanning system, uniform light spot, precision marking, 100% positive feedback

Low Energy Consumption

High electro-optic conversion efficiency, no consumables within 100,000 hours.

Flexible Structure

Friendly man-machine dialogue interface, easy operation and adjustment.

Tech Parameter:
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