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MOPA fiber laser marking machine

Network multifunctional fiber laser marking machine is used MOPA (adjustable pulse width) fiber laser integrated laser marking systems. Using fiber laser output, and then by the system to achieve high-speed scanning galvanometer marking function. Fiber Laser Marking Electrical and optical high transfer efficiency, the use of air cooling, the whole small size, good speed of light output quality and high reliability. It can carve metal materials and some non-metallic materials, mainly used for depth, smoothness, finesse higher areas.

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Product Introduction:

Network multifunction laser marking machine's characteristics:
1, excellent beam quality: focusing spot is smaller, and better processing quality.
2, pulse width adjustable 8-200ns, the operating frequency is adjustable up to 500KHz.
3, can achieve constant peak power output, higher processing efficiency.
4, low failure rate, long life: to replace traditional fiber grating resonator, without adjustment, life expectancy up to 100,000 hours.
Network multifunction laser marking machine's advantages:
Industry Applications:
1, the field of metal: stainless steel product, metal industry, watch industry, gold and silver jewelry industry, mold and all other metal materials.
2, non-metallic areas: PVC industry, PCB circuit board, ABS shell, the chip industry, plastic tags, ceramic products.
3, indicating that the treatment areas: paint or ink, anodizing, electroplating and electrophoresis surface marking logo or broken oxygen conductive treatment.
4. Other applications: micro machining, metal cutting and metal cable stripping material depth marking.
Technical Parameters:
Model EW-M10W / EW-M20W / EW-M30W
The average output power of 10W or 20W or 30W
Laser wavelength 1.06μm
Laser frequency 20-200khz
Standard engraving area 100mm * 100mm
Optional engraving area 70 * 70--300 * 300mm
Engraving depth <= 0.3mm
Engraving line speed <= 7000mm / s
0.01mm minimum line width
Minimum character 0.2mm
Repeatability ± 0.002mm
Electricity demand: 220V 50Hz / 60Hz
Power consumed 500W

Online flight line fiber laser marking machine models Description:
Flight fiber laser marking machine comparison semiconductor laser marking machine, move more convenient, do not need a cooling system. Flight series laser marking machine based on X / Z two axes can move freely and rotate Optical Platform (marking machine suitable for work at any angle), full touch screen keyboard-free, proprietary operating system program to avoid the windows system unstable and plagued by problems caused by the update maintenance. With intelligent flight marking wizard convenient and efficient debugging, the factory can achieve wire and cable products and other kinds of steel line pipe material tag identifies a maximum speed of up to 120 ~ 150M / Min.

Model Features
1, two marking control mode, do not leak uninterrupted play
2,10 sec real-time location, security marking speed and precision
3, fool-set marking environmental parameters, easy to use
4, support continuous cycle trigger marking, effectively prevent leakage fight
5, using real-time synchronous encoder feedback flow line speed
6, can achieve meter flight line spacing or any marking
7, X / Z accommodate two axes of rotation in either direction can translate Processing
Typical range
1, all kinds of PVC, PE pipe line Coding
2, all kinds of cables and other wire-line Coding
3, all kinds of seamless metal pipe line Coding

4, a variety of electronic components online Coding
5, various drug packaging line Coding
6, various food packaging bags online Coding

LED lighting eight-station laser marking machine works (portable, integrated, split, rotary, flight type ......)

Eight-station laser marking machine
Automatic multi-position rotary laser marking machine uses a unique mechanical design, optical bench X / Z-axis can be moved manually adjusted to facilitate customers, the use of multi-position rotary shaft rotating independently marking design, reduce unloading time and improve work efficiency. Based on mature and stable fiber laser marking machine upgrade from, you can achieve plane marking and rotation marking, widely used as lamp holder, valves, flanges, bearings and other products surface marker
Model Features
1. Marking speed, high-speed digital scanning head, reduce the delay to provide marking speeds.
2. High marking precision, brand fiber laser, good beam quality, as the base film (TEM00) output.
3. Long service life, the laser module life> 100,000 hours, the traditional end of the pump life ≤500 hours, semiconductor ≤10000 hours.
4. Low-power, lasers are air-cooled design, no supplies, maintenance-free, low cost.
5. Marking software, powerful, compatible with Coreldraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop and other software files; support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, etc., can be used directly SHX, TTF font; support automatic coding, print the serial number, batch number, date, bar code, two-dimensional code, automatically jump numbers.
6. Multi-station automatic feeding reduce labor intensity and unloading time, can a person in charge of multiple devices, improve production efficiency.
Industry Applications
Now widely used in the tobacco industry, bio-pharmaceutical, liquor, food and beverage, LED lighting, health care products, electronics industry, defense industry

Applicable industries:
Plastic translucent keys, IC chips, digital product components, precision machinery, jewelry, sanitary ware, measuring and cutting tools, clocks, glasses, electrical appliances, electronic components, hardware accessories, hardware tools, mobile communications components, auto parts, plastic products, medical equipment, building materials, pipes and other high-precision product identification.

Application materials:
Metal and nonmetal materials, high hardness alloys, oxides, plating, coating, ABS, epoxy, ink, plastics and the like.
Laser machining principle: Laser marking is the use of high energy density laser beam, local irradiation on the surface, so that the surface material or color changes rapidly vaporized, thereby exposing the underlying substance, or cause physical changes in the surface chemical substances and carve traces, or by light burned portion of the material, showing the required etched graphics, text.
3D dynamic focusing laser marking machine
EW-3D series, three-axis control of the same type of high power laser output. Currently the most widely used mainly in the automotive and motorcycle parts, metal, alloy and oxide, ABS, epoxy resin, communications products, plastic buttons, integrated circuits (IC), electronic components, hardware and tools, sanitary ware, costume jewelry , aerospace and other industries, most of them using a laser marking machine in direct labeling on the products concerned, such as characters, graphics, numbers and letters business name and trademarks, product specifications, frequency, serial number, security code, so as to replace the mechanical, printing type, chemical corrosion type, ink-jet printing type and other traditional way mark.

Tech Parameter:
Tech Parameter:
Model characteristics YLP-10 YLP-20
Laser output power ≤10W ≤20W
Laser wavelength 1064nm 1064nm
M2 beam quality <1.4 <1.8
Q-switched laser frequency 20kHz~100kHz 20kHz~200kHz
Standard engraving range 110mm×110mm 110mm×110mm
Optional engraving area 70mm×70mm
Engraving depth ≤1mm ≤2mm
Total power 500W 700W
Minimum line width 0.01mm 0.01mm
Repeatability ±0.0001mm ±0.0001mm
Electricity demand Single-phase AC 90-250V / 50Hz 5A Single-phase AC 90-250V / 50Hz 10A
Engraving speed 700 characters / s (singlet Roman font character height 1mm) 1000 characters / s (singlet Roman font character height 1mm)
Host system size 300mm × 500mm × 800mm 300mm × 500mm × 800mm
cooling system Air Cooled Air Cooled
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