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Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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Portable Fiber Laser Marking machine (portable, integrated, split, rotary, flight type ......)

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Product Introduction:

Applicable industries:
Plastic translucent keys, IC chips, digital product components, precision machinery, jewelry, sanitary ware, measuring and cutting tools, clocks, glasses, electrical appliances, electronic components, hardware accessories, hardware tools, mobile communications components, auto parts, plastic products, medical equipment, building materials, pipes and other high-precision product identification.

Application materials:
Metal and nonmetal materials, high hardness alloys, oxides, plating, coating, ABS, epoxy, ink, plastics and the like.
Laser machining principle: Laser marking is the use of high energy density laser beam, local irradiation on the surface, so that the surface material or color changes rapidly vaporized, thereby exposing the underlying substance, or cause physical changes in the surface chemical substances and carve traces, or by light burned portion of the material, showing the required etched graphics, text.
Model Features:
1. The use of third-generation solid fiber laser, electro-optical conversion efficiency up to 60%, excellent beam quality M2 <1.4
2. The excellent beam quality, creating ultra-fine marking effect
3. The use of original high-speed scanning head. Marking speed fast, it is more common YAG and DP semiconductor marking machine 3-6 times, thereby saving you expensive labor wages
The air-cooled, no supplies, maintenance-free for five years, the use of low cost. Energy saving, the whole power is only 500W. Compared to lamp-pumped semiconductor laser marking machine can save electricity each year about 20,000 yuan.
5. integrated modular design, easy maintenance, compact. Saving you valuable plant space.
6. The mark of environmental protection, a permanent non-fading, RoHS compliant.
Software features:
1. To receive a variety of BMP, JPG, DXF, PLT, AI and other formats
2. automatically generate a variety of serial number, production date, one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional code
3. support flight marking
4. Support the rotation marking
5. Support large area XY platform automatic segmentation marking

Tech Parameter:
Model characteristics YLP-10 YLP-20
Laser output power ≤10W ≤20W
Laser wavelength 1064nm 1064nm
M2 beam quality <1.4 <1.8
Q-switched laser frequency 20kHz~100kHz 20kHz~200kHz
Standard engraving range 110mm×110mm 110mm×110mm
Optional engraving area 70mm×70mm
Engraving depth ≤1mm ≤2mm
Total power 500W 700W
Minimum line width 0.01mm 0.01mm
Repeatability ±0.0001mm ±0.0001mm
Electricity demand Single-phase AC 90-250V / 50Hz 5A Single-phase AC 90-250V / 50Hz 10A
Engraving speed 700 characters / s (singlet Roman font character height 1mm) 1000 characters / s (singlet Roman font character height 1mm)
Host system size 300mm × 500mm × 800mm 300mm × 500mm × 800mm
cooling system Air Cooled Air Cooled
Sample Display: