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Make Your Mobile Seckill as Cool as Laser Beams

2015-11-17 695 Back to list

Key Words: laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking, mobile phone


Different from the offline shoppers, the cell phone users turn out to be a new main force together with PC users in the shopping festivals like Double Eleven. It is reported that new functions, such as grabbing a red envelope by facial recognition, are produced just for mobile terminals. Once you take a selfie by the Taobao Marketplace, a mobile app, your ID belonging to the account will be connected, and then a red envelope will pop out for you.




Mobile Seckill in Laser Era



Nowadays, smart phones have become inseparable tools for every people on daily basis. The upgrading technology has been optimizing our online shopping experience day by day, during which the contribution made by laser technology can never be ignored. Laser technology, i.e., laser marking, cutting and welding, has permeated into every details of ME (mobile equipment) revolution, making users experience better and better.




Laser application in smart phone manufacturing



You won’t miss the involvement of laser marking on any smart phones, such as the marking for brand logos, phones accessories, information on phone shell and batteries. Laser marking involves from the external to internal mini parts for our cell phones.




Laser Marking of Mobile Phone Shell




Laser Marking of Mobile Phone Shell




Laser marking of PCB



Laser cutting, featured by its high working speed, high precision and small heat effect towards working materials, is applied in micro-processing no matter for metal or non-metal tiny components.



Laser Cutting for Sapphire screen




Laser cutting for Camera Lens



The laser welding machine produced by HGLASER, featuring in its upgrading working speed and precision, is designed for workpieces in small size with alternative fitting worktable, integral one or separate one.




Laser Welding of the Lithium Battery Shell



Recommended Equipment: 

Continuous Fiber Laser Welding Machine



Continuous Fiber Laser Welding Machine, quite suitable for the micro laser welding in high precision, whose minimum spot diameter only accounts for nearly 30% that of YAG laser welding machine. While it has sound performance in photoelectric conversion efficiency, with its power consumption takes 10% that of the conventional ones. The compact structure is easy for layout of the automated production lines, covering one fourth of the area of YAG laser welding machine. Continuous Fiber Laser Welding Machine is such an reliable intelligent with low maintenance fee.

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