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Oil Slotted Casing Tube Laser Cutting Principle and Application

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Oil slotted casing tube is often used to casing pipe and tube. It is cut by special ultra-thin cutting disc or beam cutting to form multiple longitudinal or helical straight or staggered joints with certain specifications. Oil slotted casing tube is a kind of special tube installed on the bottom of oil well, water well or geothermal well to separate explored fluids from sandstone.

Because of the difference of stratigraphic structural features, gravel granularity and liquid viscosity, there occurs difference in hole seam specifications and shapes. While using slotted casing tube in exploiting oil, most gravel and stones can be filtered so as to reduce the maintenance of oil slotted casing tube.


As the World's specialist in cutting and welding technology, Farley Laserlab specialises in the engineering and development of advanced plasma, laser and drilling technologies for a wide variety of applications and industries.


Oil Slotted Casing Tube Laser Cutting Machine of Farley Laserlab

Slotted Casing Tube

Slotted casing tube is thousands of gaps with certain regularity, which are cut on high strength alloy steel tube. Commonly, gap width: 0.15- 3mm, gap length: 50 - 300mm, gap section: rectangle and trapezoid.

By means of focusing, high density and high-power laser beam working on sieve tube, on the premise of exceeding a threshold value of laser power density, heat energy from working gas and laser beam’s chemical reaction is absorbed by material, thus causing a dramatic increase in the temperature of laser sport on the surface of the casing, partial melting or gasification of workpiece material to form a hole, then relative motion of the casing and laser beam can achieve casing cutting.


Mechanical Motion System

●  Cantilever Structure Technology (patent number: ZL 200520099443.7) provides open operation platform with one-time processing area of 6m x 1.5m;

●  Machine tool structure is composed of a bed, cantilever beam, special clamp for sieve tube cutting, high precision ball screw lubrication device;

●  Customized cutting rotation axis, double chuck structure and variable pitch worm can fix sieve tube more stable and much easier to cut oil tubes. Plane working table can also be equipped to cut plates.


Product Features

●  The slotted liner is a robust and cost-effective solution for long completions or low productivity wells;

●  We offer straight and keystone slot in a wide range of slotting patterns to satisfy the required open area;

●  High rigidity, resisting scrape and abrasion, high intensity, anti-corrosion and even distribution.


Rotation Axis

●  Support position adjusted according to the tube diameter;

●  Max. Tube Length: 12m    Max. Tube diameter: 240mm;

●  Rotating clamp adopt double chuck structure to avoid the pipe not being vertical and thermal deformation in processing;

●  Varying pitch worm gear is adopted to effectively achieve mechanical wear compensation.




Cutting Head and Nozzle

●  Customized Bifocal Laser Head (5" and 7.5") , convenient to change to cut material of different depth;

●  Laser head can detect plate on-contact before cutting and automatically position when cutting to match position change;

●  Anti-collision all-around auto reset cutting head.

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