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Laser cutting implement the "Made in China 2025"

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China's laser industry started late, although in recent years has emerged as the more well known Han's laser processing equipment business, but due to the laser core technology there is still a gap compared with foreign countries, especially the laser generator, mainly abroad mainly resulting laser cutting equipment costs are higher. However, with the rapid development of the domestic laser processing technology, the laser generator is bound to achieve a breakthrough in terms of processing costs, processing thickness, etc., to promote the development of laser cutting technology continues to move forward.
Laser cutting machine development trend of the future as follows:
First, laser cutting will be digitized, only the direction of development. The CAD / CAPP / CAM and manual processing can be applied cutting machine, developed a highly intelligent multifunction laser processing system.
Second, laser cutting to multifunction laser processing center development, will integrate quality feedback laser cutting, laser welding and heat treatment and other procedures after full play to the overall advantages of laser processing.
Third, laser cutting will develop greater efficiency, accuracy, and versatility and high adaptability direction, scope of application of laser cutting robot will be increasing.
Fourth, laser cutting direction is toward flexibility.
With the future of "Made in China 2025" in-depth implementation planning, manufacturing, efficient use of manufacturing technology will be more widely. As the laser processing technology with high efficiency, high precision and other advantages, coupled with the future application of intelligent manufacturing technology, laser cutting will feed play an increasingly important role in the construction machinery sheet metal processing. Laser processing enterprises should accelerate the pace of research and development of intelligent laser cutting technology to meet the needs of production development.
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