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Fiber Laser Market Analysis

2015-11-25 740 Back to list
Recently, a number of foreign-related institutions fiber laser research enterprise after five trends presented in the fiber laser market: suppliers gradually increase research and development costs, increase win-win cooperation between suppliers, technological strides, environmentally friendly technologies direction development, supplier productivity continues to increase. Global suppliers such as IPG fiber laser company to expand its product line earlier been costly to build a research and development department. Future, fiber laser industry, major manufacturers will increase investment in R & D investment to enhance product features to achieve the growing customer demand. From the point of view of return, investment in R & D in turn increase the product's market share but also conducive to the formation or to maintain their competitive advantage.
Win-win cooperation between suppliers in the industry in the future will become another trend. Business cooperation aimed at expanding the market share of the market at the same time maximize benefits through strategic alliances, but also to promote their development and technological exchanges.
Industrial applications thanks to the growing popularity of fiber laser technology continues to evolve, mainly continuously reduce cost, power and space in three areas. Compared to its alternatives, fiber laser technology is becoming increasingly mature, especially in the past is better than in terms of energy savings.
In other technologies, higher fiber lasers produce less carbon dioxide will be at work simultaneously transmit performance compared. Such as reducing energy consumption, reduce waste and use harmless materials will enhance the popularity of fiber laser technology in laser field.
Given the global acceptance of fiber laser technology is improving, vendors are inclined to increase production capacity, improve their productivity. For example, in 2012, IPG company has invested $ 68.2 million, mainly used to improve production capacity.
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