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Laser marking process characteristics

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With the current rapid development of laser technology, laser technology applications in the industrial sector is now more in-depth, in many aspects of processing now we can see the figure of laser applications, it can be said today laser technology has become the industry now an integral part. Especially in the areas of current mark, since the limitations of traditional marker technology, making the processing of certain industrial sectors marked by certain obstacles, it is difficult to achieve the desired current industrial processes. To be able to effectively solve this problem, and now more and more areas will now turn their attention to the laser marking industry, especially now that the field of precision machining. Because different laser marking with traditional markers, laser marking is the use of high energy density of laser irradiation on the workpiece locally, so that the surface material vaporization or color changes in chemical reaction, thus leaving a permanent mark marking methods. Compared to the traditional corrosion, EDM, mechanical scribing, laser printing and other traditional processing methods has its own unique process tag.
1. The use of laser marking, and not between the workpiece machining force, with no contact, no cutting force, the advantages of small heat-affected to ensure the accuracy of the original workpiece. Meanwhile, the wide adaptability of materials, can play a very fine surface and mark a variety of materials durability is very good;
2. Space and time controlled laser controlled well, the object of material, shape, size and processing environment of freedom are large, especially for automated processing and special surface processing, and flexible processing methods to be meet the requirements of industrial mass production;
3. The laser scribing fine lines can reach microns, using laser marking technology to produce counterfeit mark and change are very difficult, extremely important for security products;
4. The laser processing systems and computer numerical control technology combine to form highly efficient automated processing equipment, can play a variety of characters, symbols and patterns, easy to use software design marking pattern, change tag content, to adapt to modern production of high efficiency, fast-paced demands ;
5. The laser processing is no pollution, is a clean and pollution-free high environmental processing technology.
It can be said laser marking machine appears, is undoubtedly now mark another leap forward for processing, greatly improved and to make up for the shortage, the rich tradition marked machining process characteristics, but also for processing to provide a rich now marked to show results. In the current laser marking has been applied to electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communications, hardware, tools, accessories, precision instruments, eyeglasses and clocks, jewelry, auto parts, plastic buttons, building materials, PVC pipe and other many other fields.
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