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Laser cutting machine metal technology resolution

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With the rapid development of laser technology, laser industry and laser-related products are becoming increasingly mature. In the field of laser cutting machines, currently showing YAG solid-state laser cutting machine, CO2 laser cutting machine for their feet, but fiber laser cutting machine has reached the latecomers.
Laser cutting is the use of high-density laser beam scanning over the surface of the material in a very short period of time the material is heated to thousands of first million degrees Celsius, the material is melted or vaporized, and then high-pressure gas from molten or vaporized material cut seam blown away, to achieve the purpose of cutting material. Laser cutting technology is widely used in metal and non-metallic materials processing, it can greatly reduce the processing time, reduce processing costs, improve quality of the workpiece. The following describes the laser cutting machine laser resolve several metal materials:
1, steel laser cutting machine processing
Modern laser cutting system can cut carbon steel plate of a maximum thickness of up to 20mm, the use of oxidation melting steel laser cutting machine kerf width can be controlled in a satisfactory range of thin kerf can narrow to about 0.01mm.
2, stainless steel laser cutting machine processing
Fiber laser cutting machine manufacturing industry is an effective working tool. Under strict control of the laser cutting process heat input measures that can limit the cutting edge becomes very small heat-affected zone, and thus more effective to maintain good corrosion resistance of these materials.
3, steel laser cutting machine processing
Most alloy structural steel and alloy tool steel can be cut with a laser trimming method to obtain good quality. Even some high-strength materials, as long as proper control of process parameters, get straight, no sticky residue trimming. However, for high-speed tool steel and tungsten
Hot die steel, laser cutting and ablation will sticky residue phenomenon.
4, aluminum and alloys laser cutting machine processing
Cutting belong to melt aluminum cutting, the use of auxiliary gas is mainly used to blow away the molten product from the cutting area, the section generally get better quality. For some aluminum, it should pay attention to the prevention of inter-slit surface crystal micro cracks.
5, copper and alloy laser cutting machine processing
Copper (copper) due to the high reflectivity, with substantially CO2 laser beam can not be cut. Brass (copper alloy) using the high power laser cutting machine, using air or oxygen assist gas, a thinner sheet can be cut.
6, titanium and alloy laser cutting machine processing
Titanium can be well focused laser beam coupling transformation heat, auxiliary gas using oxygen chemical reaction intense, cutting faster, but easy to generate oxide layer trimming, careless also cause over-burning. For the sake of security, the use of air as an auxiliary gas is better, in order to ensure the cutting quality. Aircraft industry commonly used titanium laser cutting quality is better, although there is a little slit at the bottom of sticky residue, but it is easy to remove.
7, a nickel alloy laser cutting machine processing
Nickel-based alloys, also known as a lot of super alloy, varieties. Most can be implemented oxidation melting cutting.
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