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Causes of fiber laser cutting machine power decline

2015-11-24 670 Back to list
Fiber laser cutting machine, there are some more or less loss during long-term use, such as a cutting slows, cutting precision deterioration and other issues, a lot of people think that laser power declined. Effect of laser cutting machine power down for many reasons, not necessarily a problem lasers. The following is an analysis under laser fiber laser cutting machine power reasons for the decline:
First, focus position, focal position affect cutting accuracy, especially in the focus spot diameter. Focus spot diameter to be as small as possible in order to produce a narrow kerf; focal spot diameter is proportional to the depth of focus and the focus of the lens, the smaller the depth of focus of the focusing lens, the smaller the focal spot diameter.
Followed by the nozzle distance from the workpiece and the nozzle also affects fiber laser cutting machine power down. Too far away to cause unnecessary waste kinetic energy, a short distance will affect the sputtering cleavage products ability to disperse, a suitable distance is 0.8mm. Further fiber laser cutting machine for surface irregularities of the workpiece by cutting its main follower regulator to achieve, height during operation of the nozzle and the workpiece to be always consistent.
Once again, the cutting speed, the cutting speed has a great influence on the power of fiber laser cutting machine, cutting speed proportional to the power and fiber laser cutting machine. At the same time cutting quality and the quality of the laser beam, and the other also with the characteristics of the laser beam focusing system is related to the size of the laser beam is focused after that is has a great influence on the laser cutting quality.
Then the secondary gas, secondary gas, and the size of the gas pressure on the power of fiber laser cutting machines also have an impact, the secondary gas is preferably compressed air or an inert gas. If the processing of the material thickness increases the cutting speed is slow or when appropriate to reduce the gas pressure, the use of lower gas pressure prevents cutting trimming frosting.
Finally, laser power, if the first four have been ruled out, before considering laser power is decreased. Any one device will appear after prolonged use some part of the phenomenon of aging. Laser is the core fiber laser cutting machine of the most important components, it will also appear after prolonged use the power down. In addition to the above points, the processing of materials performance, size and thickness can also affect fiber laser cutting machine for power down.
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