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Let blind people use laser sensors to drive a car is how is it?

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The navigation device is installed on the blind car is laser sensors and cameras, cars send data to the computer through the sensor, then the computer will send directions and other information in a timely manner in accordance with these data glove to the driver.
What safety awareness when driving if you ask that? Not drinking and driving, not fatigue driving, hands-free phone, not in haste to drive, do not grab the red light, do not open a grudge car, do not grab the line with pedestrians, etc., but there is one, it is that we are still driving school, and were repeating , that is to observe, observe. Observation, is very easy for normal people, not doze as long as driving, do not take God on the line, but for blind people, which seems to be an impossible task. Their eyes can not see anything, did not observe the road conditions. Does this mean they are doomed to never be able to drive this life it?

In fact, back in 2010, Virginia Tech University and the National Federation of the Blind of researchers to show the world an invention - specially designed for the blind for his driving car - Ford Islamic Karp (Escape).
The navigation device is installed on the Ford Escape laser sensors and cameras, the use of a product called "non-visual interface" technology, "non-visual interface" includes two interfaces.

First, the "driving handle." Driving handle is actually a pair of gloves equipped with vibrating motors in the joints, while driving, the car sends data to the computer through the sensor, then the computer will send these data promptly to the driver through the glove directional information to inform motorists should when, where turning, for example, need a sharp turn to the left, when the motor left little finger joints will shake; the need stable when turning, the motor will be issued at the index finger vibration.
In addition, under the driver's seat, there is a strip device can shock - shock velocity belt device, which is also configured with a motor. It is a way to play a role: if the driver's knees were shaking with the motor, said it needs to be accelerated, when the speed reaches a reasonable range, vibrations will move down to the legs, helping the driver to control the speed reasonable.
Another car on the interface is called "air image." The so-called air image is in fact a half sheet of paper the size of a board with many pores. This device is capable of releasing compressed air, forming a distribution of objects around the vehicle, the driver can prompt the next lane if there are cars on the road if there are barriers as a way to help the blind control car.
With the Ford Escape, blind people can drive independently with the help of the sensor under, and this is the advent of the first car in the United States to allow blind legal road car.

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