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Explain fiber laser marking machine continuous laser and pulsed laser similarities and differences

2015-11-21 716 Back to list
We do not know for continuous laser marking machine laser and pulsed laser have no understanding of it; if not find out about it, let Xiaobian to tell you under the bar, but not with jargon, oh.
CW laser light is always had it, like a flashlight, you turn on the switch it is always on
Pulsed laser is twinkling
You can only understand, but actually a very short pulse width of the pulsed laser, the pulse width is the time it means that every time the light is bright time, there are few nanoseconds long (that is, 1/1000000000 sec), short of a few femtoseconds (1 femtosecond = 1000000 nanoseconds), you can imagine how short a time it is bright, and this laser average power is not small, then imagine it in light of the time, is laser output light intensity at that moment how strong!
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