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Fiber laser marking machine vibration lens disassembly tutorial

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Laser marking machine routine maintenance, the vibration of the lens disassembly tutorial. After laser marking machine used for some time, there may be laser marking machine can not properly marking, or no light other issues, when we go through careful investigation, it was found that the vibration lens out of the question.
Then we need to remove the galvanometer, sent to the manufacturer or designated repair place to do maintenance, after service as well. Have to be installed galvanometer, the paper is removed from the galvanometer galvanometer and install two aspects to write.


Step Remove the galvanometer as follows:
1, to ensure the complete power outage situation, marking the first open into electrical power cord connector, if some models do not have this connector you can ignore.
2. Remove the field lens, and well protected and covered during the operation, any items such as a finger can not mirror the collision scene, especially lenses.
3, the use of metal tools, generally for pickpockets inside corners, loosen the marking head, be careful as to prevent the removed shell plate is connected to the galvanometer drive plate to prevent excessive pulling force.
4, unplug all the connections, power supply lines, signal lines, electrical lines to the drive plate.
5. Remove the drive plate, and packed away, and then remove the Y motor, and X motor, and pay attention to packed. Packaged drive plate and the X and Y motors up together, so remove the galvanometer task is complete, you can sent serviceable place.
To install the galvanometer as follows:
1, the case of the first installation and the X motor Y motor and ensure that both can not collide with any angle as well.
2, installed two drive plate.
3, even better after all connections, angle and depth of testing and debugging galvanometer motors to ensure that the final laser output center position for the center of the field lens can be.
4, clean up connections, and fold the wire length, marking the first all lid on the box again.
5, connect the external connection, you can reboot, then laser coders galvanometer installation is complete.

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